BiOmega Jr.

BiOmega Jr is USANA's high-quality omega-3 supplement for kids.


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Savvy parents know that omega-3s are important for their children’s development, which is why many give their babies formula that is fortified with omega-3 fatty acids. But when children switch to solid food, it may be more difficult for them to get enough omega-3s, especially if they don’t like fish.

It’s easy to give your child a smart start for lifelong good health with this delicious orange-pineapple flavored gel. This offers a highly absorbable form of omega-3 fatty acids EPA plus DHA in a delicious, creamy gel that the kids love. And because it comes in single-serve packets, it’s easy to give kids on the go. Give kids all the benefits of fish without all the pouts—BiOmega Jr. is a tasty treat that helps kids get the omega-3s they need.

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BiOmega Jr.


  • EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) are required for optimal health in growing and developing children
  • Adequate intakes of omega-3 fatty acids including EPA and DHA have been found to support:
    • healthy joints
    • brain development
    • cell membrane integrity
    • skin and eye health
    • cardiovascular function
    • child development
    • healthy immune system


A quality supplement like USANA's BiOmega Jr. can make it fun and easy for kids to get the DHA and EPA they need for healthy minds and bodies without taking a supplement full of added sugar. Unlike many popular brands that supply only small amounts of omega-3s, BiOmega Jr. supplies a valuable amount of highly absorbable DHA and EPA in a delectable orange-pineapple flavored gel with no fishy taste. With 1,000IU of added vitamin D, BiOmega Jr. also supports developing bones and overall good health.

  • Creamy gel contributes to bioavailability and is fun to eat
  • No fishy taste—delicious orange-pineapple flavor that kids love
  • Sweetened with Stevia and natural flavors


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