Fibergy Plus

A dietary fibre that promotes good digestion health and heart health.

Fibergy Plus is a low-calorie, 100% fibre and prebiotic product. It contains 12g of fibre per serving.

The high fibre content in MySmart Fibergy Plus will also leave you feeling satisfied, making it easy to skip unhealthy snacks throughout the day. Diets high in soluble and insoluble fibre are important for digestive health. MySmart Fibergy Plus makes it simple to add the benefits of fibre to your daily diet.

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Fibery Plus


A healthy digestive system helps our body efficiently break down many of the nutrients we consume into forms that are easily absorbed, maximising the benefits of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and defending against nutritional deficiencies.

  • Aides in normal bowel movement
  • promotes good digestion health
  • promotes stimulation of healthy bacteria - Inulin as prebiotic
  • soluble fibre assist in the maintenance heart health
  • high fibre content leaves you feeling satisfied, making it easy to skip unhealthy snacks


PSYLLIUM is a rich source of soluble fibre, and a bulking agent. It has been widely used to promote bowel movement.

INULIN is a soluble fiber produced by plants, is also a prebiotic that promotes healthy digestive function by stimulating the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria.

Fibergy Plus also includes Cane Fibre, Citrus Pectin, and Flaxseed Meal.


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