Boost your energy naturally with USANA Rev3.


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Why not energize with something that is good for you? Cleaner. Smarter. Stronger. Rev 3 Energy® is all the power of an energy drink—refined. Rev3 is a great alternative to crash-and-burn energy drinks.

Rev3 has unique components that separate it from other energy drinks: Rev3 contains L-Carnitine, an ingredient that has an important function in energy production. L-Carnitine helps shuttle fatty acids (fats) into the mitochondria where they can be turned into energy. It also helps to transport the toxic byproducts of energy combustion out of the mitochondria to prevent accumulation. Rev3 also contains CoQ10. CoQ10 is involved in the production of 95 percent of the energy required by the body.

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Rev3 Surge Pack


Rev3 was developed with a complete and proprietary energy complex that includes L-Carnitine, malic acid, citric acid, Korean ginseng, and rhodiola. These ingredients are necessary for normal functioning of the Krebs energy cycle (citric acid cycle) and electron transport systems.

  • Natural caffeine from blends of teas for mental alertness and stamina
  • Supplies beneficial ingredients, with powerful antioxidants
  • Uses low-glycemic sugars for sustained energy
  • Provides vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support energy metabolism at the cellular level


Rev3 has a crisp, all-natural taste from natural ingredients. Rev3 is unique among most common energy drinks because it has no artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial preservatives, and no artificial colors. It contains naturally derived caffeine from a blend of teas for improved mental alertness and stamina. Rev3 also includes additional vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that support energy metabolism at the cellular level.

You have a choice of ready to drink energy drink in can or a surge pack for convenience to go. Order your Rev3 now and join the revolution in energy!


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